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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Glowing, Going, Gone

I am sorry that my recent posts are set in the past tense of ‘yesterday, I….’. With the onset of the Festive period, life in and out of school has been very hectic.

However, this week saw the last of the Glow portal trial at Knox Academy. As of 6pm today, it has been taken offline.

On Tuesday evening, I met with Karen Robertson, Elizabeth Cowan, Paul Smyth, Dawn Adams and my fellow mentors Leeann McMillan and Glow boy Dave. This was our official feedback meeting. We reported on pros, cons, progress and the general usability of Glow. No new issues have arisen in the last week, hence I won't repeat details. On a very positive note, Dave, Leeann and I agreed that we have really enjoyed being part of the trial Glow portal. We are hoping our feedback will be useful and we are very much looking forward to using the ‘real Glow’ in 2007.

My last Glow lesson was yesterday. My INT1 class and I were very pleased to welcome John Connell and Karen Robertson in to observe. As it was the final lesson involving Glow, I decided that, in addition to our usual interactions on the portal, I would ask the class to fill out a short feedback form. This will be sent to RM in addition to the formal feedback Dave, Leeann and I gave on Tuesday. The pupils had to download a word document that I had posted on to our glow group. After typing out there responses on the form, I requested that they print them out. This was the fourth Glow lesson for these youngsters. I was very pleased to see how they had adapted to using the portal with great ease in such a short period of time. We are very much looking forward to using the real Glow next year. I would like to thank John and Karen for taking the time to visit us yesterday.

This will probably be my last ‘Glow’ post for a while. Thank you for all your comments, queries, questions and words of encouragement.

Goodbye Glow! See you again in 2007!

What am I going to blog about now? Well on the ICT front (and in the absence of Glow) I have just purchased an old Commodore 64 (much to the utter dismay of my parents).

No, I am not mad; I am keen to compare the ICT I grew up using with the technology I am now using every day.

Combating ‘cold turkey’ in the absence of Glow? No. An investment I say!

Watch this space ;)


At Thursday, 07 December, 2006, Anonymous Neil Winton said...

Love the video!
Would be really interested to know what the pupils said in their evaluations. Will you be sharing that or is it just for RM?

Thanks for keeping us up-to-speed with what you've been doing. Can't wait to use it 'for real' next year.

At Friday, 08 December, 2006, Blogger Tess Watson said...

Hi Neil,

Thanks for that. I thought the music to the video was quite appropriate!

As for pupil feedback it was all very positive. Despite my encouragement, the comments they left were relatively short. So I didn't think it was worth blogging about.

I can't wait for the real Glow either! I am off to try and programme my new (or should that be old) C64 to play a Christmas tune!


At Saturday, 09 December, 2006, Blogger Mrs. O'Neill's Blog said...

Thanks for blogging the entire experience with GLOW Tess. Being a kinaesthetic learner myself I always learn a lot more from 'walk through' types of presentation.

Regarding pupil feedback - I'm struck by how much easier it is for them to write a lot of feedback when things go wrong/don't work/seem unusually difficult. I think you can take less feedback from pupils as an encouraging sign!

Good luck with the Commodore. My son found this URL -
This site creates a 'dark room' screen which looks just like the black screen of our first home computer (an Apricot?) Very nostalgic moment...

At Sunday, 10 December, 2006, Blogger Tess Watson said...

Thanks for that Liz.


At Sunday, 10 December, 2006, Anonymous Karen Robertson said...

Thanks for trying to introduce me to the 'GLOW' Experience Tess. Enjoyed the time in your class.

At Sunday, 10 December, 2006, Anonymous Karen Robertson said...

Thanks for introducing me to the 'GLOW' Experience Tess. Enjoyed the time in your class.


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