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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

GLOW Not Frozen Yet!

With the second term ending within the next 24 hours, life is more manic than ever at school. The S6 Pantomime is looking great. The S6 have really pulled together; thank you to everyone that has helped us. We haven’t been able to rehearse on stage due to tonight’s Christmas concert (fingers crossed all will run to plan tomorrow). The Christmas concerts at Knox are just legendary. This year’s will be out standing as usual, judging by the sounds I could hear when passing the assembly hall today.

This morning saw my last lesson with my 3rd year INT1 Biology class before Christmas. There are two INT1 Biology classes that come to our department at the same time in the timetable. I, and my colleague, decided to give our INT1 classes the choice of working on their PowerPoint projects down in ICT or watching one of our DVDs (I think it was the world famous ‘Blue Planet’, but I am not entirely sure).

Having been given the choice, one pupil piped up:

Miss, did you know that Glow is still online?’

On hearing this, 10 out of my 16 pupils chose to carry on with their projects and have a 'cheeky' interaction on the portal!

What a very positive and encouraging note to finish the second term on.


At Wednesday, 20 December, 2006, Anonymous Stuart said...


I was sorry not to take up your offer of a look at Glow before it was supposed to go off-line, I just didn't get organised in time.

Maybe I'll have chance to see it before I start teaching for real in August.

Have a good last couple of days and enjoy the pantomime.


At Wednesday, 20 December, 2006, Blogger Tess Watson said...

No worries. Have a great Christmas! I am really hoping that Knox Academy is selected as part of the second phase………..Cross your fingers for us!!!


PS. Loving your blog,


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