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Saturday, November 11, 2006

It Was All 'GLOW' For Knox Today!

Today Dave Rawson and I gave the staff at Knox Academy their first taste of glow. We ran three, forty minute sessions over the course of the afternoon. Unfortunately the trial portal does not run during Fridays and over the weekend as it is being updated and serviced. However, we managed with the static screen shots that I have included below.
Following the presentation, we took a range of questions. There were a number of queries regarding copy right. Dave and I are under the impression that this will be dealt with at the Local Authority level. One particular question which has got me thinking came from our PT Mathematics, Linda McInnes. She queried how she would be able to perform a ‘glow math’s lesson’ for up to thirty one pupils as our current ICT labs have a maximum of 20 PCs? Is this something that could inhibit teachers of non-practical subjects from using glow as part of lessons?
Though I felt I staggered slightly during the first session, our second and third flowed well. Dave and I would like to thank the staff at Knox for listening Today. We hope our presentation was informative.

Following on from Ewan McIntosh’s recent comments, I have included more screen shots of the portal. Yesterday, I managed to explore a little more. I have investigated the ‘search for other glow user’s' button. This allows you to browse through all the registered glow users. I believe it is only pupils and staff of the 'chosen classes' from the schools within the selected Authorities, who are listed within the portal for the trial (i.e. Knox Academy and Kings Meadow Primary in East Lothian).You can search under different categories; first name, Last name, area of interest, establishment etc.
I have also looked into the glow groups. I can see this becoming a very large part of glow and glow use. Before I say anymore on ‘glow groups’, I would like to spend a bit more time experimenting. Below you can see a number of static screen shots of various areas within the portal. I will post more information as and when I explore them. Please feel free to ask questions or leave comments. For any other glow mentors reading, I am more than happy to email you the PowerPoint from today’s presentation.

Have a fabulous weekend. Catch you later!
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The Glow Group

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At Friday, 10 November, 2006, Blogger Mrs. O'Neill's Blog said...

Any idea when other authorities might see GLOW? Here in the deep south (Dumfries and Galloway)for example?


At Friday, 10 November, 2006, Blogger Tess Watson said...

Hi Liz, I am not sure exactly when other authorities will see GLOW. I am planning to approach the SMT at Knox Academy with a draft plan of an 'In-house' CPD session that I would hope to extend to teachers like yourself. Maybe a Friday afternoon? I am also going to contact Paul Smyth who is the East Lothian RM Educationalist.
Would you be allowed time to come up, visit , explore, investigate and play?
If you send me your email address I will forward you my presentation from today!


At Saturday, 11 November, 2006, Anonymous David Ramsay said...

Hi Tess,
I am a Test Lead with you know who on the Glow (SSDN) Project, it is nice to see feedback from those persons having the privilege to use it.
I am from Edinburgh myself (Leith Academy) but that was an era gone by!
One useful thing that you and all the mentors could do would be to include information on the Operating System and Browser in use if any problems occur. Helps us enormously at the sharp end or is it blunt?

At Saturday, 11 November, 2006, Blogger Tess Watson said...

Hi David.
Thanks for your comment. We are due to start the pilot next week. This is where glow will really be tested. With regards to the trial lessons, any 'problems' will arise in due course. If glow is 'breakable', I am sure my INTERMEDIATE 1 class will be the ones to find out! I am hoping to use the portal with them for their 'Health and Technology' projects in addition to the trial lessons. I will certainly write a post on any problems that occur and I will be sure to include information on the Operating System and Browser in use.

Tess :)

At Saturday, 11 November, 2006, Anonymous David Ramsay said...

Thanks for that, just as a matter of interest what is your main operating system you will be using?

At Saturday, 11 November, 2006, Blogger Tess Watson said...

I think the operating system is Microsoft Win2000. The Browser Internet Explorer 6.0,Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0) Hope that is right!


At Saturday, 11 November, 2006, Blogger Ewan McIntosh said...

The maths teacher's concern about how to do a "Glow" lesson is probably best answered by asking how Glow is going to be best used. Is it a replacement for a teacher or using resources on the web which exist already? No. Will it lead to more small group work, individuals maybe working remotely with other students. yes. Do you need a computer for every kid to make that work. Definitely not. I doubt there will/should be such a thing as a "Glow" lesson - the thought makes me shudder. The tools will be useful accompaniments to help achieve things we cannot do at the moment - especially in terms of collaboration - and it will also provide an extension of school after hours, in the child's home or library.

But it's not something we should be plonking our kids in front of to let them get on with some virtual lesson during school hours, when we can have F2F during school hours. Just my tuppence worth.

At Saturday, 11 November, 2006, Blogger Ewan McIntosh said...

Tess - it would be handy to be able to write comments without a popup, so that we can use CoComment and follow the discussion. Cheers!

At Saturday, 11 November, 2006, Blogger Mrs. O'Neill's Blog said...

That would be great! I will enquire...

I have been trying unsuccessfully to email you via your email address in your profile. It may be a problem on my side as I am changing ISPs.

To summarise my lengthy emails to you -
Appreciated your comments on my blog. Also blog address has changed -I've switched it over to beta and -not being very technical -all is a bit ropey.


At Saturday, 11 November, 2006, Blogger Mrs. O'Neill's Blog said...

Sorry, forgot to say:


please delete this -as it's not relevant to this thread -but given my situation not sure how else to contact you!


At Saturday, 11 November, 2006, Blogger Doc R said...

Hi Tess,

I thought our sessions were excellent! We quelled the rabble!

BTW I forgot to wish you a happy birthday!


At Sunday, 12 November, 2006, Blogger Tess Watson said...

Ewan, Thanks for that comment. It will be very interesting to see how the glow groups are planned and used. I would hope to experiment with them after the trial lessons. I will try and alter my comment pop-up, I am not sure how to as yet(tonight's challenge!).

Liz, I will try to delete the comment with your email in it. Presentation on route to you as I speak!

Dave, thanks for that. I think we make quite a good duo for glow!

Tess :)

At Tuesday, 14 November, 2006, Anonymous John Connell said...

Tess - great blog, and it's good to see so many people commenting on your posts. You'll understand that I have a special interest in Glow, and it's great to see someone blogging their experiences with the pilot.

There seems to be a problem with how your site is rendering on my Mac - not sure if it's a problem on my side or yours. Might be worth checking if others are having problems too.


At Tuesday, 14 November, 2006, Anonymous john said...

hi Tess,
I am having trouble reading your blog too, mac both safari and firefox. It looks like it might be the 'of the day stuff' it streaches right across your posts.
I had a quick look at the demo portal today but too early to draw any conclusions. I am impressed with how fast you are getting into the portal.

At Tuesday, 14 November, 2006, Blogger Tess Watson said...

Thank you for your comments. I was trying out various layouts with my blog at the weekend. On the ‘Blogger’ preview all looked great so I clicked ‘save’. The Blogger preview is not the same as what appears. I am still a novice with HTML. I don’t think it is your machines, more like my HTML design. I wanted to put ‘My links’ before the ‘Word Of The Day’ etc. I thought they were more important.
Does any one read the ‘Word of The Day’ etc?
I will probably delete the HTML for now, but let me know what you think.

At Tuesday, 14 November, 2006, Blogger Tess Watson said...

With regards to the Portal, we had our first trial lesson today. All was very positive, but on the critical side, the main flaws were:

Difficult passwords
Copy and pasting
The use of the apostrophe (Frames started to jump)
And of course, time.

Tomorrow,Dave and I are carrying out the second trial with my INT 1 Biology class. I am hoping Dave doesn’t get a cover class.

I am just back from an S1 parents’ evening. My intentions were to write a post tonight, but after a very challenging (to say the least) day, I think I will wait. I will try to write a post before I leave my flat tomorrow morning.

If I needs must, I will sacrifice some sleep!

Tess :)


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