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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Is blogger.com Best?

After a very manic week, I am just embarking on a bit of blogging before the weekend. Having not had the time to read or post anything for the last two days, I guess you could say I am going to have a bit of a ‘blog binge’ for the next hour or so!

Public and Private Face of the Teacher (Posted by Kenneth)

Earlier in the week, David Muir and Kenneth left me very useful comments. I had mentioned earlier that I was thinking about moving to a wordpress or typepad platform. I have had a number of queries why? So, I thought I would give you a few reasons.
Firstly, when I decided to start a blog, the current East Lothian blogs were not up and running. An old university friend offered to help me set up a blogger.com account. At this point I was not aware of the vast abundance of platforms that could be used to host blogs. Since then I have found my self really enjoying networking and learning in this new way. As I have learned, the blogger.com accounts may not be the most appropriate platform for teachers like me. All blogger.com blogs have a next button at the top of the page. On clicking this, you will be directed to the next random blog (mine has now been removed). All fine I would say if you are directed to a blog such as David or Kenneth’s. Not so fine is when you are directed to a site which could be deemed as inappropriate. Though there are a vast range of blogs to be found on blogger.com, not all of them are the most favourable. I don’t want my site to be the referring URL to anything that I have no control over. I have a reputation to maintain. Now that the East Lothian blog site is up and running, I feel I should become part of their more 'secure' platform. After all, I am an East Lothian Employee. I guess it is a bit like using your Hotmail address instead of your work Outlook Express address. Maybe that’s not a valid comparison?

I am quite happy just now as I have managed to remove the next blog button, though I am still aiming to move into the East Lothian blogosphere. This might be considered a logical idea, especially with the onset and progress of GLOW.

I welcome your comments and views!


At Saturday, 04 November, 2006, Anonymous Liz O'Neill said...


Thanks to your previous blog, I was able to remove the 'next blog' button on my blog.

In conversation recently I mentioned that I'd done this, and was met with a kind of 'aren't you being a bit paranoid?' response.

I don't think so. I've been talking about my blog to my school-age nieces and nephews. Being an auntie, gives you a sort of 'trusted adult' status. I wanted to be sure they were not clicking once from my site to something entirely unsuitable.

It's the same with being a teacher, I think. You have a responsibility to use the privilege of your position carefully.


PS Hope to link with my blog soon!

At Saturday, 04 November, 2006, Blogger Tess Watson said...

Glad that you found the info useful. I am looking forward to reading your blog. What is the address?



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