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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Glow Gossip

Yesterday, Paul Smyth returned to Knox to join my INT1 Biology class and I. He was accompanied by his colleague,

Alan Atwell from LTScotland.

We are currently working on 'Alcohol And it's Effects'. Today the pupils were creating new slides for their projects using my suggested links. They could also download my revision notes (PowerPoint) that cover the Learning Out comes of the first unit. Though today’s lesson was no different to others involving glow, we did stumble across a few more glow usability issues.

Firstly, I posted a 'News Flash' on our glow group. I mentioned ‘Mr Smyth’s’ visit, followed by today’s task. I illustrated this with a series of bullet points.

Create three slides on the following:
· The Liver and its function
· Alcohol- The short term effects
· Alcohol- The long term effects

Although the bullet points were clearly visible when drafting the item, when I saved the post, they just disappeared. I repeated this two or three times, each with the same result. Today’s second problem lay with the uploaded documents. As mentioned, I uploaded some power points that the pupils could download and view. Once I had viewed my own uploaded document (ppt slide show) I clicked the back button with the intention of re-entering the portal. This didn’t happen. The document automatically downloaded it’s self onto the hard drive of my machine. And, logged me out of the portal. I am not sure if this is a consistent fault with ‘glow’ or if it indeed could be an issue with the school browser. However, I would like to thank Paul and Alan for taking time to come and visit us yesterday, my apologies that your visit could not have been longer.


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