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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Digital Camera?

Today I decided to take a few more photos of experiments that I have been doing on a daily basis for the last seven years. Having opened a flickr account, I tried to set up a ‘pro’ account via PayPal. Not realising that the payment was not immediate, I can’t upload the pictures :( (What are they doing with my money in the mean time? A Swiss bank account?) I have uploaded a few onto photobucket instead, but the widget function is not available! I guess I will just have to post a couple of static pictures for now until the account payment clears. This experiment is part of out S1/2 Curriculum:
Formation of Alum Crystals under one of our basic microscopes
I am also in the midst of browsing suitable cameras for use in the classroom, mainly for photography and podcasts etc. I really like the Fuji digital cameras, but I am not sure which is the best one. Ewan suggested I approach the council as they may be able to partly fund such equipment, but I would be using it personally too. Anyone any advice or ideas?


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