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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Diet Coke and Mentos?

Recently I have had a number of requests from pupils that we peform the 'Diet Coke and Mentos' experiment.
There has been a lot of internet discussion about why Diet Coke and Mentos make such an interesting combination. It is know that the carbon dioxide that has been compressed into the liquid escapes so rapidly that the pressure forces the liquid out of the bottle; Like shaking a bottle before you open it, but even more fierce and wild. Click here to see this experiment in action and for some suggested reasons as to why it works best with Diet Coke and Mentos. This is a fun experiment and would I recommend that it be carried out in a large open area, not to be tried in ones bathroom :(


At Thursday, 05 October, 2006, Blogger David said...

We were so inspired by the eepybird video that we had a go in our back garden. Brilliant!

How did you explain it to your head teacher? "It's real science... honest!" :-)

At Thursday, 05 October, 2006, Blogger Tess Watson said...

Your results in your back garden were better than mine! Welldone!

At Thursday, 05 October, 2006, Blogger David said...

It's not clear from your pictures how you got the menos from the tube into the coke. I used a whole tube of mentos and held them in place with a bit of card. All I had to do was pull the card and the whole tube worth dropped in more or less in a oner! I think I paused slightly too long after pulling the card as the tube interfered with the jet. If I try it again, I think I could get even higher! :-)

At Friday, 06 October, 2006, Blogger N Winton said...

Be careful... don't try and drink Coke and Mentos at the same time!

This girl did and felt quite ill!

PS: This clip is safe for school!


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